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The information we need: 1. Your email : Please make sure it is the email you check most 2. Dress title : Click on any dress in the shop to enter the information page for that dress, the title can then be found here 3. Your size : To see our size chart, and for made to measue information please point here 4. The date you need the dress, if you have one. 5. What colour are you interested in : If you see the right colour on a dress in our shop, please let us know the title of that dress. 6. Finally please describe all the features you want added or changed: Thank you!
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Here you can provide us all the information we need to give you a quote for your custom dress! Hopefully you have browsed our collection and a particular design has your attention. Or you have another design in mind. Fill the form on the left to request a quote by email. On the right we explain the information needed to proivde you the most accurate quote possible.
Need to send us a picture?             Our email address is: help@elegance50s.co.uk
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