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“A stunning dress, great communication through the entire process, and a comfortable and pleasurable buying experience. This is what i would say we aim to achieve above all else!” Lawrence Aitken  Elegance 50s Partner / Designer
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We understand that knowing where and who your dress comes from can be very important! So here we want to let you get to know us a little better! My name is Lawrence, this is my shop and I very much hope we can help!  We are very much a family business. My mother, our lead designer, and my very best fabrics and couture expert supervises my design team which includes several aunties a couple of cousins and some very close family freinds.   Together our 3 most senior designers have a combined experience of more than 3 decades now! Their expansive knowledge and sewing experience shows in the quality of all of our dresses and togehter our depth of skill is the distinctive factor enabling us to welcome and cater to all sizes as well as tackle any and all design requests. Together we started our shop on Etsy in 2011, and since then have had the pleasure of crafting a wide range of exciting and gorgeous dresses for buyers from all over the world!
In 2013 we had our workshop moved to our families home town of beautiful Bani in Pangasinan the Philippines, for  far more room,  much cleaner air and to be nearer the coast of course!  From here we are able to send our delightful dresses to customers worldwide! And have been doing so efficiently for years! The vast majority of our customers have been from Europe, the United States and Australia!  Get the design you want, in the colour and fabric you want. Thats what we want to offer! Only because we have the combined expertise, skill and dedication, can we offer such an open armed approach to our made to order service, and at such great prices! Please feel very welcome to contact us at any time to share with us what you are looking for! Thank you so much for visiting! I very much hope we can help! Lawrence and the Elegance 50s Team
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